Top 3 Photography Websites to Get Free Images for Your Social Media


As an entrepreneur or a website owner, for you to thrive in the current social-driven era, your presence on the social platform is not optional. Social media and photography now are partners when it comes to enhancing your social presence.

In this essence, you need a variety of photos and images to accompany your social media posts. Getting such images can be expensive at some moment especially if you do not have a personal photographer or you are not one. Also, the available photos may not be inline with the message you want to pass onto your online followers.

Fortunately, several photography websites have come up with a solution by providing free images for use in social media posts. Here are the top three such platforms:

ร˜ Barn images

The name may distract you to think that the only site hosts barn pictures, but that is not true. Barn images offer quality and high-resolution photos and pictures that are available for use without paying a dime. Also, new photos are added to this site’s gallery daily. Importantly, the owners of Barn images are professional photographers meaning that they understand the needs of various users like you. Hence, from Barn images, you can get a variety of photos and pictures to make your social media posts stand out.

ร˜ Gratisography

If fun and uniqueness are your flavors, Gratisography offers you a match. This photography website provides you with free high-resolution photos that you can use for both personal and commercial purposes. Also, the images you obtain here are free from any copyright restrictions. Hence, you can post them on your social media pages or use them for marketing campaigns on such platforms.

ร˜ Morguefile

Morguefile is another photography website that you can get free images and photos for use in your personal and business social pages. The site has more than 200,000 free images from photographers fetched from different parts of the globe. One thump up of Morguefile is that you can filter images in different categories ranging from their ratings, the time they were uploaded, sizes, terms and other elements.

Also, you can download various types of images such as for animal, human, nature and tech photos to use in your social media posts.


If you are looking for quality and high-resolution images to use on your social media, the above three photography websites are the best places to find them. From these websites, you can get images that will make your social platform posts stand out.