Top 3 Free Tools for Optimizing Images for Your Website

Images are an integral part of your website.  In particular, high-resolution images make your site to stand out. It makes your site attractive to visitors. However, large photos take a longer period to load which leads to the lengthy loading time of your website. The worse effect of this scenario is that it reduces the traffic of your site as visitors cannot wait for it to load. Additionally, the long loading time affects your SEO rankings.

In this regard, large photo file sizes are a major problem for your site. Luckily, several free tools can help you to optimize images for your website. Here are the top three:

i. Optimizilla

Optimizilla is a free image optimization tool that supports both JPEG and PNG formats. If you have a large image that you are looking on to use on your site, all you need is to go to Optimizilla homepage, click the upload icon and load that image. The tool will automatically optimize the image and present you both the original and optimized version.

Also, Optimizilla offers 60-70 range of compressing your image. As such, you can reduce your image sizes by about 47% as well as the loading time by about 0.4 seconds.

ii. TinyPNG

Another free tool you can use to optimize your large image files is TinyPNG. This tool helps you to reduce your image without much alteration in quality. Also, the tool accepts both JPEG and PNG image formats. Another advantage you get by using TinyPNG is that you can upload up to twenty images at a go. However, the images must meet the maximum size of 5MB.

Furthermore, if your site operates on WordPress, you can add the TinyPNG plugin. The plugins automatically optimize images you upload on your website, hence saving you a lot of time.

iii. Resize photos

If you want a tool that allows you to set the size of the image optimized, then Resize Photos is your perfect choice. The tool allows you to select the quality and set the width of the optimized images before kick of the optimization process.  As such, you can retain the current quality of your images or select a better one.


As seen, there are a plenty of free image optimization tools available for you. Given that images play a crucial role in enhancing the traffic and search engine ranking of your site, you need to ensure that they do not affect its loading speed. Hence, if you have images looking on using on your website, it is advisable to use any of the above tools to optimize them.

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